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So where to start....

The job is going good, I get 3 lesons a week and one more with rio. Rio is doing really well focusing on her canter now. She is getting there as far as being finished. I'm not sure if I will event her afterall but maybe just lower level.

I'm looking at getting another horse. I'm down to 3 now and think I need a 3day horse to do training and school prelim. If you know one that fits the bill let me know.

school is school but its goin. I'm pretty tired right now.My boss has been gone for the week so I had to take over everything.

Beth and I are going to Hawaii for thanksgiving which will be way fun.

The downer is my dad. I'm struggling to get him to pay some childsupport. He is being a complete ass and not returning my phone calls. I need like 300 a month from him and he is being ridiculous about it. btw he has NEVER paid child support. Been court ordered to but never coughed it up. I'm down to my last trust fund and dont want to use it all up getting through school. I think he needs to step up to the plate and pay.

Other than that things are goin ok. Some nights I have a hard time with losing Regal but I know he is in a better place.

First place bitches!!!!!!!!!

Yuuuuuuup Rio and I got first at the hunter pace beginer novice course. We rode with Julie haynes. Check out connie's site to see our times!!!! I think they had 15 pairs but check me on that. Regardless we fuckin dominae. Were gonna goto eventfull acres and get serious.

Plus I got my new horse Gentry. He's a dutch warmblood pappered and all. I'm pretty excieted to get showing on him. His stats: 14yrs old, chestnut, 16.3, competed training level eventing and recieved high scores showing 4th level. He is awesome!!!!! I'll post pics soon. we have a cds 3 star coming up. Rio goes to her first 1 star and we can hopefully get going on plaques.

So I got the new lg dare and it kicks ass! It totally beats your Iphone!

Pics Of My Place

It's a work in progress but I love it! 3bed 2bath house on 10 acres.

This is the back pasture regal, rambo and remi are gonna share(they are 2,3 and 3 1/2)

The paddocks need to be fixed. I just got done re doing the stalls and runs so these are next:

One of my three round pens that needs new footing

My outdoor arena! I loooovvvveee it!

I'll get more pics up soon! Plus some of my new horses. I'm up to 8! Yikes!

DAHA Results

Regal took 3rd in the 2 and under am class today. We will have a video thanks to Earl kelley, his breeder. Earl also brought multi national champion curtin call(Regals mom) so we could do a family photo shoot. All and all a pretty good day and way to wrap things up until next year.

I will have pictures and video up soon.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped make my dreams come true. I honestly never thought the show world would fit...suprise suprise! Now I can't imagine my life without A circuit.

Watch out next year! Our goal is U.S Nationals!

10. Mai 2008

She turns a big ole' 7 today!!!! I have had her for a year and a half today! Here are some super cute pics from the last month. I love my little re-re poo and she has come very far in the last six months. Amazing what happens when good trainers can step in to fix others mistakes:)

Rio Lookin like a stunner

Who says quarter horses can't jump? lol I love this one the most. She is in good shape now:)


you suck

and I win...

Haha loser

one of those days

where I feel like killing someone for no reason. Thank god for bass guitars and uppers.

Holy fuck

Just got new pictures in from ashley and allyssa. Let me tell you something...If you have a horse hat needs ANY type of training they are AMAZING. Don't believe me? Here is the proof. Tell me my horse isn't fucking fantastic. I can't wait to kick some ass at DAHA.

This is him in march. He has been with them for almost 2 months. Even with all the hair he lacks condition and training. My hats off to the team.

Aye Aye

Touched based with my navy recruiter and have a list of classes I need to take in order to have a B.A the navy will except. It's cool because the Navy has a job for an enviormental/ag major. I could actually do ag in the military. Who would have thought. Guess my families military connections paid off.

So my mom asked why I wanted to go back in. The only reason I wasn't gonna go is because I was in a relationship and they wouldn't accept my asthma. That has all changed, so now I'm back on that route. They will wave my asthma if I can go two years without needing it and I have to lose another 50 lbs to reach my goal weight of 140. I'm doin good since I lost 30 in the last 4 months. It just suits me and I'm sorry if it pisses people off but I want to go. It's the best thing for me and my babies. I will make a a good starting salary(2800/monthly in pocket all food/rent/living expeses paid for) So with my close to 3k I can afford a sweet truck, put my horses into serious training and invest in the economy. If i stay in for 15 years and advance at a reasonable rate i will end up makeing more like 8k/monthly (do the math thats 96,000 a year)in pocket plus I will have a pension and always get half of that when I retire. Did I mention full health benefits for life? Sounds good to me.

And sure as hell beats being a nobody lol

time that truth be told

Someone once told me you can't help who you love. I disagreed with them but they were right. I guess I can't help who I love but I can help what I do with it. I will continue to love and hope one day the person I loved with will return. Not to me becasue I don't thnk I could every trust them again. Instead to the world. The person I fell in love with wasn't there during our relaionship. It was a mirror of what could come to pass in the future. To me getting over someone means you don't ache everytime a thought passes, everytime "there" song comes on, and everytime you see them in love with someone else. The strange part is that happened a long time ago. The only conclusion I have is I really did love that person with all my heart. The relationship was unhealthy yes and it truly wasn't meant to be. So why do they still have a piece of my heart? It's me where talking about. I can cast away any heart. Maybe I don't want to, the feeling was so pure, A diffrent kind of love that wasn't returned and doesn't matter. Maybe I hold on to the hope one day someone will return it. Maybe I don't want to forget how it felt. To feel so close and let down so many walls. To share passion and love in the darkest time of ones life. To know you will never face anything alone. I was me. I was just the image of someone giving there all and not getting a return. Of someone who couldn't for one second trust the one they loved. I know we were on the sam level some days but it wasn't consistant. Regardless I'm happy I let them have a piece of my heart. I don't regret and hope I can share it with someone again. In the far chance they read this I have a few last words. Don't follow the easy road and always be honest. You are a beautiul person when you just open up. Life isn't a chess board. You can't move things around to get what you want.Life needs to know your intentions are pure before you recieve the reward. There is so much more when you try. Just stop lieing....to yourself and to everyone else. You will make it if you're just honest. I realize now I couldn't save you becasue you have to save yourself. What I mean is I tried to mold you into someone succesfull and independant but you have to do it yourself. I realized I couldn't be with someone who wasn't going to the top and thats when I should have said goodbye. Instead I tried to drag you with me and I'm sorry. Just know my intention was always always good.

Maybe this is my closure that Mary was talking about. To accept. To accept that it took me a long time to process and it's ok. Because in the 6 months it took me I realised one thing. I never lied when I said I love you. I never lied when I said I will always care. I'm proud of that.

Even if Lisa never reads this I know the truth was told.



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